DDD Summit 2020
Das große Trainingsevent für Domain-driven Design
31.11 – 02.12.2020 | Berlin & Online

Anton Stöckl

Anton Stöckl
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Anton Stöckl


Anton Stöckl works for MaibornWolff GmbH in Munich as a Senior IT Architect since 2019. He brings along more then 2 decades of professional software development with roles as developer, software architect and team lead. He is especially interested in Domain-driven Design and how to build solid and loosely coupled Microservice architectures. Another important aspekt for him is „socio-technical architecture“ – a holistic approach to allign IT architectures and autonomous agile development teams. He loves to coach or mentor development teams, to run workshops and to write blog posts. Some other important paradigms, architectural styles and modelling methods he likes to appliy:
* Hexagonal Architecture (aka. Ports & Adapters)
* Event-Sourcing and CQRS
* Distributed, event-driven systems
* Event Storming
* Trunk-based development
Lately he is working with Golang using a functional style of programming as much as possible and applicable.

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